Bianca Belair talks about Wrestle Mania and emotions before the event


Bianca Belair talks about Wrestle Mania and emotions before the event
Bianca Belair talks about Wrestle Mania and emotions before the event

During an interview with, Bianca Belair spoke about what she thought of this year's Wrestle Mania and her impressions of it. There was no way Belair could hold back her excitement for one second when she is aware of the importance of this competition and how important it is for her.

Moreover, Belair praised Asuka as well, stating that she has a very positive opinion of the her. “I think this is my biggest ‘Mania to date. I mean, with all the factors that play into it, for one, it’s Asuka who I have always considered one of the greatest female wrestlers in the world.

When I first came into WWE in 2016, she was NXT champion, and she had one of the longest reigns in NXT. I know what she’s capable of and you know, she’s different now, she has a different look, she has a different attitude.

I’m not sure what to expect. So it’s gonna be really tough to prepare for something I don’t know what to expect, but also, this WrestleMania if I win, I’ll be a few weeks or so shy of becoming the longest reigning RAW Women’s Champion, so everything rides on the line at this WrestleMania.

I’m excited, but I know what’s at stake here”. - she said, as quoted by

Bianca Belair and her own ring gear

In a recent interview with the "In The Kliq" podcast, Belair talked about making her own ring gear for Wrestle Mania.

“Well, I’ll tell you this. I just started it and I’m literally as I’m doing this interview, I’m sitting here sewing. I have a needle in my hand. My fingers hurt. I’m having to do most of the stuff by hand.

I’ve packed my sewing machine. But yeah, I mean, we’re going Hollywood. So you know, you got to go all out and that’s what I’m doing. It’s WrestleMania. I’m trying to keep the streak of making my own gear.

My schedule is getting very busy being, you know, champ life and appearances and everything. I can’t go out there unless I’ve made my own gear. It gives me a sense of pride and I love how my fans appreciate it. I just want to always deliver for them as well”.

Bianca Belair