Bobby Lashley's WrestleMania Open Challenge Accepted?


Bobby Lashley's WrestleMania Open Challenge Accepted?
Bobby Lashley's WrestleMania Open Challenge Accepted?

WWE WrestleMania 39 was set to feature a high-profile match between Bobby Lashley and Bray Wyatt. However, due to Wyatt's unforeseen illness, WWE had to cancel the bout. In a surprising turn of events, Lashley has now issued an open challenge, allowing any wrestler to step up and face him at the grand event.

Bobby Lashley emerged victorious in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on Friday Night SmackDown. Following his win, Lashley expressed his desire to compete at WrestleMania and announced his willingness to accept any challenger.

This open challenge has caught the attention of several wrestlers, including a former WWE superstar. Internet sensation and former WWE guest star KSI has shown interest in taking up Lashley's challenge. KSI appeared surprised during the Logan Paul vs.

Seth Rollins match on the first night of WrestleMania 39. He was revealed to be under the Prime bottle costume and was put through a table during the match.

KSI Contemplates Facing Lashley

In a recent interview with Cathy Kelly, KSI hinted at possibly stepping into the ring with the former WWE Champion.

When asked about potential opponents, he said, "You never know. If I was to choose an opponent, oh my gosh, I don't even know….Bobby Lashley…..I'm like, Bobby Lashley, put me in there with the beast. Why not? He's triple me.

I'm up for the challenge, Yolo!" Bobby Lashley noticed KSI's comments and responded via Twitter, saying, "Not really what I had in mind for #WrestleMania but if no one else wants to step up…." Reports from Fightful Select suggest that The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Trophy has been moved to SoFi Stadium for use in an entrance, further hinting that Lashley is scheduled to appear at WrestleMania 39.

As anticipation builds around Bobby Lashley's open challenge, fans are eager to see who will face the former WWE Champion. With KSI expressing interest and Lashley's response to the challenge, the stage is set for an exciting, unexpected showdown at WWE WrestleMania 39.

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