Vince McMahon Reclaims Creative Control of WWE Raw


Vince McMahon Reclaims Creative Control of WWE Raw
Vince McMahon Reclaims Creative Control of WWE Raw

Over the weekend, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon informed CNBC that he intended to take a step back from the company's creative processes and only involve himself in higher-level decisions. However, last night's WWE Raw episode, which followed WrestleMania 39 and marked the first television taping since Endeavor acquired WWE, indicated otherwise.

Contrary to his statement, McMahon played a significant role in the production of Monday's WWE Raw, according to a report by PWInsider. The Chairman was personally and heavily involved in the show, demanding multiple last-minute rewrites just 15-20 minutes before the live broadcast.

These changes starkly contrasted the atmosphere that had become familiar under the leadership of Paul "Triple H" Levesque.

McMahon's Growing Involvement in Raw

Additionally, the report revealed that McMahon continued to alter the Raw script even after the show had begun.

He maintained an office on site, a practice he had discontinued following his "retirement" in July of the previous year. While Levesque initially took charge at the beginning of the night, McMahon's involvement gradually increased, and he assumed the role of the point person running the show.

Throughout the night, McMahon was stationed at the Gorilla position, overseeing the event's proceedings. This contrasted with his involvement during WrestleMania 39, where he only produced a few segments and participated in some decision-making processes.

The increased presence of McMahon in the creative process resulted in a decline in morale among WWE talents. Many felt the company was returning to its previous state before Levesque took over the innovative team. One source even said the "place felt nuked." However, some talents were less disheartened, believing McMahon's return was inevitable.

While there is still optimism that McMahon's heavy involvement could be a one-time occurrence, multiple sources have confirmed to PWInsider that the WWE Chairman is "firmly back in charge" after Endeavor acquires the company.

This development aligns with Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel's insistence that McMahon should not retire and should continue to lead WWE. With McMahon's return to the helm of WWE's creative processes, the company may experience changes in its direction and storytelling, but the long-term effects remain to be seen.

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