John Cena Says WWE Was Once "More Fraternal"


John Cena Says WWE Was Once "More Fraternal"
John Cena Says WWE Was Once "More Fraternal"

John Cena, a WWE legend who debuted in 2002, has been a cornerstone of the company for nearly two decades. With sixteen world championships, Cena has witnessed the wrestling business evolve over the years. Now, he's set to open WrestleMania 39 by challenging Austin Theory for the WWE United States Championship, proving he's still a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

In a recent interview on Whiskey Ginger with Andrew Santino, Cena discussed how the wrestling business has changed over time. He compared it to the stand-up comedy scene, emphasizing the importance of resilience and learning from failures.

Cena shared that in the past, wrestlers often had to head to the bar with their colleagues after a show to discuss how they could improve and seek honest feedback.

Cena Recalls WWE's Brotherhood

Cena fondly remembered the earlier days in WWE as more of a "fraternal society," where camaraderie and brotherhood were critical components of the wrestlers' lives.

If you weren't part of the group, you were left out. However, he acknowledges that the business has evolved positively since then. Wrestlers today enjoy better pay, improved treatment, and a more manageable work schedule. Despite the changes in the industry, Cena remains committed to mentoring the next generation of wrestling superstars.

He has not hesitated to share his wisdom and experiences with younger talents in WWE and its developmental brand, NXT. Cena's dedication to guiding the future of wrestling is evident in the time and effort he puts into working with up-and-coming stars.

As the wrestling business continues to evolve, it's clear that WWE has taken steps to create a more professional and supportive environment for its talent. This shift benefits the wrestlers and ensures that the company maintains high entertainment for its fans.

John Cena's perspective on the changes in WWE showcases the importance of adaptability and growth within any industry. By embracing the positive aspects of these changes and sharing his knowledge with the next generation, Cena ensures that the legacy of WWE remains vital for years.

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