Highlanders' WWE Exit: Robbie McAllister's Reflections


Highlanders' WWE Exit: Robbie McAllister's Reflections
Highlanders' WWE Exit: Robbie McAllister's Reflections

The Highlanders, a tag team in WWE during the Ruthless Aggression era, had a relatively brief run in the wrestling world. Robbie McAllister and Rory McAllister are most infamously known for a particular incident in which Robbie was spotted in the audience of a TNA taping during the mid-2000s.

This event led to their release from the company. However, Robbie McAllister recently revealed this was merely the final straw, as the Highlanders were already on their way out of WWE. In a candid interview with "Developmentally Speaking," Robbie McAllister discussed the circumstances surrounding their departure from WWE.

He said he would have liked to try singles run in the company, but it wasn't meant to be. "Technically, Rory and I didn't give the company a reason to keep us," he stated. Robbie's initial ambitions were as a singles wrestler, but fate had other plans when he met his future tag team partner at wrestling school.

Highlanders' Release: Self-Advocacy Lacking

While many fans and critics attribute the Highlanders' dismissal to the TNA incident, Robbie clarified that the real reason behind their release in 2008 was the duo's lack of self-advocacy.

He admitted, "I didn't do anything to keep the Highlanders there." Robbie hesitated to betray his longtime partner by pursuing a solo career, stating, "Maybe I wasn't — because I'm a nice guy — I wasn't cut out for the real hard part of wrestling." The wrestling business often requires a certain level of backstage politicking, which Robbie admitted was not in his nature.

He felt that wrestling tended to change people, only sometimes for the better. Nonetheless, Robbie expressed pride in that he and Rory managed to enter and leave WWE together on some level of mutual understanding. As a result of their departure, the Highlanders' story reminds them of the challenges professional wrestlers face, both in and out of the ring.

Despite their brief stint in WWE, the Highlanders left a lasting impression on fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Their journey highlights the importance of self-advocacy and adaptability in an industry where change is the only constant.