Charlotte Flair Announces Hiatus from WWE


Charlotte Flair Announces Hiatus from WWE
Charlotte Flair Announces Hiatus from WWE

After an epic match at WrestleMania 39, where Charlotte Flair dropped the SmackDown Women's title to Rhea Ripley, the 14-time champion will retake a break from WWE. According to PW Insider Elite, Flair informed WWE officials during WrestleMania weekend that she planned to take some time off following the event in Southern California.

The decision to have Charlotte relinquish her championship title reportedly came before she informed the company of her hiatus plans. The wrestling superstar revealed to people backstage that she intends to spend some quality time traveling with her husband, Andrade El Idolo, who is a prominent wrestler in AEW.

Flair Considers Bodybuilding Venture

In an ESPN interview last week, Charlotte Flair also mentioned that she has contemplated participating in a bodybuilding competition this summer. She expressed uncertainty about her ability to prepare for the competition while maintaining her commitment to WWE's rigorous travel schedule.

While the exact duration of Flair's break remains unclear, PW Insider Elite confirms that she is not scheduled to appear on this Friday's SmackDown. It's worth noting that Charlotte Flair was absent for a significant portion of 2022 due to her wedding and honeymoon with Andrade, as well as to address dental issues.

She returned triumphantly in December and quickly recaptured the SmackDown Women's title. Charlotte Flair has undoubtedly significantly impacted the world of professional wrestling throughout her career. WWE fans and fellow wrestlers will feel her absence, but she needs to prioritize her well-being and personal life outside the ring.

The WWE Universe awaits her return, and the excitement surrounding her eventual comeback will be immense. As the WWE moves forward without one of its most dominant and influential performers, it will be interesting to see how the company handles the SmackDown Women's Division.

The rise of Rhea Ripley as the new champion presents an opportunity for fresh storylines and rivalries, giving other talented performers a chance to shine.

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