Becky Lynch Says Seth Rollins' WWE Entrance Her 'Moment of Weekend'


Becky Lynch Says Seth Rollins' WWE Entrance Her 'Moment of Weekend'
Becky Lynch Says Seth Rollins' WWE Entrance Her 'Moment of Weekend'

WrestleMania, WWE's marquee event, always delivers jaw-dropping moments; this year's WrestleMania 39 was no exception. Over the weekend, fans witnessed incredible performances, stunning attires, and mesmerizing entrances that captivated the audience.

The show was packed with unforgettable highlights, from Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair's Divas of Compton dance group to Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns' grand piano display. However, one entrance stood out for Becky Lynch, and it belonged to none other than her husband, Seth Rollins.

Known for his show-stealing performances, Rollins made his way to the ring in a stunning Red Puffer Robe Jacket designed by King Troi, accompanied by custom gear from Sarath Ton and Jolene Jilnicki. The entrance even featured an orchestra conductor, adding a touch of class and extravagance to the spectacular display.

Lynch Praises Rollins' Entrance

In a post-event interview with ESPN's Daniel Cormier and Marc Raimondi, Lynch couldn't help but rave about her husband's entrance, admitting that it was her favorite moment of the entire weekend. "I think his entrance," she added, "it's always terrible to follow my husband." Lynch revealed why she chose Rollins' entrance as the standout moment, saying, "I'm going to pick his entrance as my number one.

Only because it brought tears to my eyes." Rollins faced off against Logan Paul in an exciting match on Saturday night. Despite KSI's attempts to interfere, Rollins emerged victorious. Lynch then took center stage, teaming up with WWE Hall of Famers Lita and Trish Stratus to defeat Damage CTRL in a thrilling six-woman tag team match.

However, instead of reveling in her victory, Lynch was more excited about her husband's reception from the audience. "It brought tears to my eyes just hearing the audience and seeing the conductor getting everybody going," Lynch gushed.

"And then he comes out looking the way he came out. Amazing. Incredible." The couple's mutual admiration and support are evident, proving their bond extends beyond the wrestling ring. As they continue to dominate the WWE scene, fans can expect more memorable moments from these two talented superstars.

With WrestleMania 39 now in the books, it's clear that Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins remain a force to be reckoned with, both inside and outside the squared circle.

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