Finn Balor Posts Staple Photo After WrestleMania 39 Injury


Finn Balor Posts Staple Photo After WrestleMania 39 Injury
Finn Balor Posts Staple Photo After WrestleMania 39 Injury

Finn Balor, the acclaimed WWE superstar, has unveiled the extent of injuries he sustained during his brutal Hell in a Cell match against Edge at WrestleMania 39. Although Balor survived the intense encounter, he did not walk away unharmed.

The thrilling showdown between "The Demon" and "The Rated R Superstar" occurred on the second night of this year's WrestleMania extravaganza, leaving fans gasping for breath. Edge unleashed a relentless onslaught of signature moves and weapons on Balor throughout the match.

One particularly vicious moment saw a ladder strike Balor's head, resulting in a nasty gash that left him bloodied. Ringside doctors promptly intervened, pausing the match to administer an injection for pain relief and applying temporary staples to stem the bleeding.

Balor would require further medical attention backstage after the match.

Balor's Photos Show Injury Severity

In a candid display of his battle scars, "The Prince" recently shared two revealing photos on Twitter. One image showcased the numerous marks and bruises covering Balor's body, a testament to the brutal use of chairs and kendo sticks by the "Ultimate Opportunist" during their match.

The other photo offered a close-up of the 14 staples now securing the sizeable gash on the head of the Bullet Club founder.

Given the extent of his injuries, it was unsurprising that Balor did not appear on the "Raw" episode following WrestleMania.

However, his stablemates Dominik Mysterio and Damien Priest were in action as they ruthlessly attacked Bad Bunny at ringside and sent the Grammy Award-winning artist crashing through a table. Had the intense rivalry between Balor and Edge reached its intended climax, it's possible that both superstars could have suffered even more severe injuries.

Although we may never know the full extent of what these two fierce competitors had planned for their match, fans are eagerly awaiting their next moves. Finn Balor's courageous display at WrestleMania 39 left him with severe battle scars, as evidenced by his photos on social media.

As the WWE Universe eagerly anticipates the next chapter in the careers of both Balor and Edge, one thing is sure: their unforgettable Hell in a Cell encounter will go down in wrestling history as a testament to their unyielding determination and passion for the sport.

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