AEW Hooks Ex-WWE VP of Communications, Adam Hopkins: A Game Changer?


AEW Hooks Ex-WWE VP of Communications, Adam Hopkins: A Game Changer?
AEW Hooks Ex-WWE VP of Communications, Adam Hopkins: A Game Changer?

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has made an exciting new addition to its backstage operations, focusing on enhancing its public relations efforts. According to PWInsider, Adam Hopkins, the former WWE Vice President of Communications, has recently been hired by AEW.

While his exact title at AEW has yet to be confirmed, it's clear that the company is looking to bolster its PR strategy. Hopkins, who started working with AEW last Wednesday, was present during the live broadcast of "Dynamite." This news follows the hiring of ex-WWE commentator Nigel McGuinness.

It coincides with AEW President Tony Khan's announcement of a "major" revelation set to be made during tonight's "Dynamite" show. Having spent 25 years with WWE, Hopkins is credited with maintaining strong communication channels between the company and the pro wrestling media.

He also played a crucial role in shaping Paul "Triple H" Levesque's initial vision for "WWE NXT" during its early stages. When Hopkins left WWE earlier this year, former WWE Champion Big E publicly praised him as "a true professional and a great human."

AEW Attracts Ex-WWE Talent

AEW's hiring of Hopkins is just one of several moves the company has made to recruit former WWE personnel.

Earlier this year, AEW welcomed Michael Mansury, WWE's ex-Vice President of Global Television Production. Mansury's arrival at AEW preceded a significant aesthetic refresh for "Dynamite," which began at the start of the year.

Additionally, AEW expanded its talent relations department in mid-2022, assigning new backstage responsibilities to Pat Buck, Christopher Daniels, Tony Schiavone, and others. By hiring seasoned professionals like Hopkins and Mansury, AEW sends a strong message about its commitment to growth and excellence, both behind the scenes and in the ring.

The recent acquisitions not only strengthen AEW's production and PR departments but also contribute to the overall improvement of the brand as it continues to establish itself as a significant player in the world of professional wrestling.

As AEW keeps making strategic hires and refining its operations, fans can look forward to a more polished product and exciting announcements that will undoubtedly keep the wrestling world on its toes. With a bright future ahead, All Elite Wrestling is truly living up to its name.


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