WWE Star's Impact: Brock Lesnar Says Business Unimaginable Without Them


WWE Star's Impact: Brock Lesnar Says Business Unimaginable Without Them
WWE Star's Impact: Brock Lesnar Says Business Unimaginable Without Them

In 2002, when Brock Lesnar debuted on the WWE scene, the amateur wrestling standout was guided to unparalleled success by one influential figure: Paul Heyman. As Brock Lesnar's advocate, Heyman accompanied him throughout his meteoric rise to the top of WWE, witnessing The Next Big Thing clinch his first WWE Championship from The Rock at SummerSlam in 2002.

Nearly a decade later, in 2012, when Brock Lesnar made his much-anticipated return to WWE, it wasn't long before Paul Heyman re-emerged to stand by his side. The duo again made history as The Conqueror ended The Undertaker's Streak at WrestleMania 30.

Lesnar's gratitude towards Heyman is immense, and in a recent interview with Daniel Cormier for ESPN, he couldn't help but lavish praise on his former advocate.

Lesnar Highlights Heyman's Wrestling Impact

Reflecting on their journey together, Lesnar said, "It's been a crazy ride, too, when you think about it.

I broke into this business with Paul Heyman as my mouthpiece. Here I am, 23 years later, and I'm carrying my stick. So it's crazy how things have evolved." He emphasized Heyman's importance to the wrestling world: "Without Paul Heyman, this business wouldn't be what it is.

It truly wouldn't, especially in the last year. Paul, behind the scenes, carries and does and wears many hats for this company. He's greatly respected and very appreciated." Today, Paul Heyman may no longer be an advocate but a wise man, yet his role in WWE remains significant.

As the guiding force behind his Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, Heyman has carried championship title belts out of three consecutive WrestleMania. Brock Lesnar's robust endorsement of Heyman highlights the latter's immense influence on WWE and its superstars.

Heyman has significantly shaped the wrestling landscape as a behind-the-scenes strategist and on-screen mastermind, particularly in recent years. The WWE universe owes a great deal to Paul Heyman for his unwavering dedication and tireless work in elevating the sport.

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