WWE Star's Exit Looms as Vince McMahon's Leadership Continues


WWE Star's Exit Looms as Vince McMahon's Leadership Continues
WWE Star's Exit Looms as Vince McMahon's Leadership Continues

In a year filled with surprises, 2023 has proven to be a rollercoaster for WWE as Vince McMahon returned from his short-lived retirement. Endeavor acquired the company in a staggering $21 billion deal. However, only some in WWE are thrilled with the company's new direction under McMahon's leadership.

Vince McMahon had initially retired in July 2022, handing over creative control to Triple H as Chief Content Officer. Many believed McMahon's return in January 2023 would eventually lead to him reclaiming creative power, and the sale to Endeavor solidified this belief.

Sources report that McMahon was "firmly in charge" of the Raw show following WrestleMania, with multiple re-writes leaving several stars unimpressed. According to Fightful Select, several female wrestlers became frustrated when two triple-threat matches were reduced to one tag team match.

Bayley, initially scheduled to be at ringside with her Damage CTRL teammates, was also cut from the show, raising concerns about her future with WWE.

McMahon's Return Sinks Morale

Morale in WWE has reportedly dipped due to McMahon's sudden return to the creative helm.

Earlier that day, he had claimed he wouldn't be "in the weeds" on creative, suggesting Triple H would continue his role unimpeded. The shift in power dynamics has left many questioning their future with the company. The report highlights that at least two WWE stars, including one near the top of the card, have stated they would "likely" request their release if McMahon continues to steer the creative ship.

Another unnamed wrestler noted they would "just ride out their deal" with the promotion. As a result, several wrestlers are examining their future options in the wake of McMahon's comeback. It's worth noting that during McMahon's previous tenure, stars such as Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Dakota Kai, and others were released from WWE, only to be brought back when Triple H assumed control.

As the WWE landscape continues to change, fans and insiders will be watching closely to see how the company adapts under McMahon's leadership and the influence of Endeavor. With the potential for top talent to jump ship, WWE's future hangs in the balance.

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