Kurt Angle on WWE Return: Reasons Revealed


Kurt Angle on WWE Return: Reasons Revealed
Kurt Angle on WWE Return: Reasons Revealed

Wrestling icon Kurt Angle recently opened up about his decision to depart TNA/Impact Wrestling in 2016 and return to WWE the following year. On his podcast, "The Kurt Angle Show," the former Olympian shared the motivations behind his choices, expressing a deep appreciation for his fans and a desire to end his career with the WWE.

Angle explained that his decision to rejoin WWE was fueled by his dedication to the fans who had supported him throughout his career, both during his time with WWE and when he transitioned to TNA. He felt it was crucial to finish his illustrious wrestling career where it all began, in the WWE.

Kurt Angle's High Salary in TNA/Impact Wrestling.

The Hall of Fame also divulged details about his contractual arrangements with TNA. He revealed that whenever his contract was up for renewal, TNA had a new one ready for him to sign.

Angle was earning a significant seven-figure salary in TNA/Impact, a far cry from the $100,000 average earnings of his fellow wrestlers. Despite the lucrative pay, Angle sensed that TNA's financial struggles would eventually catch up to them, making it difficult for the company to sustain his salary in the long run.

Kurt Angle expressed his fondness for his time with TNA, praising the tapings, house shows, and camaraderie with other wrestlers. However, he recognized that the company was approaching the end of its financial rope, leading him to explore other options.

Initially, WWE seemed uninterested in signing Angle due to concerns about his past issues, including multiple DUIs and substance abuse problems. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reportedly believed that Angle's troubled history tarnished his reputation.

However, WWE eventually changed its stance and welcomed Angle back. In 2017, Kurt Angle was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, an honor that marked the beginning of his triumphant return. Angle went on to serve as the General Manager of "WWE Raw" and continued to make appearances in the ring until his official retirement from in-ring action in 2019.

As one of wrestling's most celebrated athletes, Kurt Angle's journey from TNA back to WWE is a testament to his enduring connection with fans and unwavering commitment to the sport.

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