WWE Hall of Famer The Bushwhacker Butch Dies


WWE Hall of Famer The Bushwhacker Butch Dies
WWE Hall of Famer The Bushwhacker Butch Dies

Wrestling fans worldwide are mourning the loss of WWE Hall of Famer Robert “Bushwhacker Butch” Miller, who passed away recently. He was a beloved member of the wrestling community, and his contributions to the industry will never be forgotten.

Butch Miller and his longtime tag team partner Brian “Bushwhacker Luke” Wickens were famous for their antics in the ring as The Bushwhackers. They also made a name for themselves as The Sheepherders, a wild and brawling duo that caused mayhem wherever they went.

Their unique wrestling style made them a fan favorite, and they won several championships and accolades throughout their career. Butch Miller began his wrestling journey in New Zealand in the mid-1960s, teaming up with Wickens as The Kiwis.

They eventually went to Canada, where they competed in Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling. They joined the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and became known as The Sheepherders.

The Beloved Bushwhackers of WWE

In January 1989, The Sheepherders made their way to WWE and rebranded themselves as Butch and Luke, The Bushwhackers.

The duo quickly became one of WWE’s most beloved tag teams of all time, competing in multiple WrestleManias and thrilling fans with their signature march to the ring. They swung their arms and hugged fans along the way, constantly engaging with the crowd in a way that made them feel like part of the show.

The Bushwhackers’ popularity extended beyond the wrestling world, as they made a memorable appearance as themselves in an episode of the hit television show “Family Matters”. They even wrestled against Carl Winslow and Steve Urkel!

In 2015, Butch Miller and Brian Wickens were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, the highest honor in the industry. It was a well-deserved recognition of their years of hard work and dedication to their craft. The wrestling world is dimmer now that Butch Miller is gone, but his legacy will live on through the many fans he inspired and the wrestlers he helped to train. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and fans during this difficult time.