Rhea Ripley Confronts Bianca Belair on Raw to Remind her of her Presence.


Rhea Ripley Confronts Bianca Belair on Raw to Remind her of her Presence.
Rhea Ripley Confronts Bianca Belair on Raw to Remind her of her Presence.

Rhea Ripley, the new SmackDown Women's Champion, recently made headlines when she confronted Bianca Belair during this past Monday's episode of WWE Raw. Fans were left buzzing about the unexpected encounter, and Ripley has since opened up about her motivations during a recent appearance on WWE's talk show, The Bump.

Ripley, known for her penchant for mind games and her unique in-ring style, admitted to enjoying the opportunity to get inside the head of the EST of WWE. She stated, "I like a few mind games. I like being cheeky, going out there, and causing havoc." Despite now holding the SmackDown Women's Championship, Ripley reaffirmed her connection to Raw, calling it "Monday Night Mami" and adding that she still considers it her show.

Ripley's Injury Derails Title Match

The Australian-born wrestler, a Judgment Day faction member, also touched upon her history with Belair. The two were supposed to have a high-profile match for the title last year, but an untimely injury forced Ripley to step aside.

This confrontation reminded Belair and the WWE Universe that Ripley is still a force to be reckoned with. "I was number one contender for Bianca's championship, and unfortunately, I got injured, and that got ripped away from me," Ripley said.

"So I just wanted to remind her that I'm still here, and this is still my show." Despite the bold move, Ripley acknowledged that she would focus more on SmackDown in the future, although she hinted at the possibility of occasionally appearing on Raw.

Ripley's confrontation with Belair has undoubtedly reignited interest in a potential match between the talented performers. Both wrestlers' fans eagerly await a possible showdown, a classic battle of strength, athleticism, and skill.

With Rhea Ripley staking her claim as SmackDown Women's Champion and reminding Bianca Belair of their unfinished business, the stage is set for a potentially explosive rivalry between these two powerful women. As the WWE Universe anticipates the next chapter in this gripping story, one thing is for sure: both Ripley and Belair will continue to captivate audiences with their undeniable talent and charisma, whether on Raw or SmackDown.

Rhea Ripley Bianca Belair Raw

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