Damian Priest on Dominik Mysterio's Rise: From Judgment Day to Superstar


Damian Priest on Dominik Mysterio's Rise: From Judgment Day to Superstar
Damian Priest on Dominik Mysterio's Rise: From Judgment Day to Superstar

WWE Superstar Damian Priest has been thoroughly enjoying the rise of Dominik Mysterio within the company, just as much as the WWE Universe has. In a recent Out Of Character podcast appearance, Priest discussed his admiration for the young athlete, highlighting Dominik's journey from being a member of the Judgment Day faction to becoming a standalone superstar in the world of professional wrestling.

As the Archer of Infamy shared his thoughts on Dominik's incredible transformation, he emphasized how the young star has now created his own unique identity, separate from his father, the legendary Rey Mysterio. As a member of Judgment Day alongside Dominik and others, Priest has witnessed this exciting evolution up close and personal.

Dominik Mysterio's Meteoric Rise

Damian Priest mentioned that it had been a fantastic experience to be a part of Dominik's meteoric rise, compared to the increase of another prominent WWE Superstar, Rhea Ripley. He explained that Dominik has been able to forge his path in the wrestling industry, stepping out of the shadow of his famous father, Rey Mysterio.

During the podcast, Priest shared firsthand observations of Dominik's performance growth, noting how the WWE audience responded positively to the young star. He revealed that whenever Dominik has the microphone in hand and addresses the crowd, the audience goes wild, showing their support for the talented wrestler.

The Archer of Infamy couldn't help but smile as he spoke about Dominik's rapid ascent in WWE, expressing his pride in watching the young Mysterio make a name for himself. Dominik has undoubtedly made an impression on his fellow WWE Superstars and the fans as he continues to build his wrestling career.

As Dominik Mysterio's career continues to flourish, it's clear that he has earned respect and support of the WWE Universe and his peers within the industry. With a bright future ahead of him, there's no doubt that Dominik will continue to captivate audiences and achieve great success in the world of professional wrestling.

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