WWE Wrestler Content with Role Amid Triple H's Push Plans

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WWE Wrestler Content with Role Amid Triple H's Push Plans
WWE Wrestler Content with Role Amid Triple H's Push Plans

Despite Triple H's intentions to propel Chad Gable into WWE singles stardom, the talented wrestler remains content with his current position, teaming up with Otis. In an exclusive interview with GIVEMESPORT, Gable discusses his thoughts on a WWE single run and his recent WrestleMania performance.

Over the years, Chad Gable has been widely considered one of WWE's most underutilized talents, with fans eagerly anticipating his entry into the singles arena. However, Gable has expressed satisfaction in his partnership with Otis, stating that while singles run intrigues him, he prefers to remain with his Alpha Academy tag team partner.

Triple H's Plans for Gable

Last month, WRKD Wrestling reported that following WrestleMania, Gable was poised to receive a significant push from Triple H, who sees immense potential in him as a WWE singles star. The report also mentioned that Gable and Otis were hesitant about breaking up their tag team, given their close friendship in real life and enjoyment of working together.

During his conversation with GIVEMESPORT, Gable clarified his stance on a singles run, stating, "We're in a very cool spot. We're still a team, but they're also using me in these singles matches, giving me some of the top guys in the company.

I'm thrilled to continue as it is. Long-term, I've explored everything there is to do in tag wrestling, so I do want to see what I can do as a singles wrestler." Gable and Otis have been a tag team in WWE for quite some time, but Chad has recently been involved in singles matches while maintaining his alliance with Otis.

Gable expressed his desire to see this dynamic continue. Gable and Otis joined forces at WrestleMania in a thrilling four-way showcase match. Alpha Academy shared the ring with Street Profits, Viking Raiders, and the team of Braun Strowman and Ricochet in one of WrestleMania's most exciting bouts.

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