Kamille vs La Rosa Negra: Anticipated Debut Matchup.


Kamille vs La Rosa Negra: Anticipated Debut Matchup.
Kamille vs La Rosa Negra: Anticipated Debut Matchup.

Wrestling fans are in for a treat as Kamille, the reigning champion, is set to face La Rosa Negra in an upcoming showdown. During a recent interview, Kamille expressed her excitement for the first-ever match with Negra, revealing that they have never faced each other in a wrestling ring before.

"I am very excited to get in there," Kamille said. "It'll be a first-time matchup. We've never, not even in a tag or anything, touched in the ring. And it's exciting for me just because if anybody saw the promo that came out from our Powerrr episode.

Yeah, I've known La Rosa since I was training in Florida, however many years ago that was."

Kamille Braces for Toughest Challenge

Kamille knows that this match will be one of her toughest challenges so far. La Rosa Negra is a seasoned wrestler, respected worldwide, and Kamille knows she must bring her A-game to the ring.

"She is a warrior; she's a fighter. I have to go in there ready for a fight. Ready to go as long as need be. Get my cardio up. But I do think at the end of the night; it's going to be 'and still your champion.' " Kamille said. The champ also reminisced about meeting La Rosa Negra for the first time, which she believes was at a SHINE Wrestling show in Tampa.

"I remember just knowing she was someone that's been everywhere and respected in many things. I was just new and looking up to everybody in the locker room," Kamille said. Kamille was impressed by La Rosa Negra's confidence and how she treated others in the locker room.

"She's just a nice human being, and knowing that she's done so much in the business, she still didn't talk down to people or have her nose up at people. So that was something that I think that's the thing that I admire most about any human being in the world is not just their skill in the wrestling ring, but how they are as a human being and how they treat others." The upcoming showdown between Kamille and La Rosa Negra is an exciting match between two skilled wrestlers.

Fans eagerly await who will come out on top in this highly anticipated debut match. Whether you are a die-hard wrestling fan or enjoy a good competition, this match is not to be missed.