Roman Reigns' WWE Future Update: Major Disappointment


Roman Reigns' WWE Future Update: Major Disappointment
Roman Reigns' WWE Future Update: Major Disappointment

WWE fans eagerly anticipated Roman Reigns' appearance at the WWE Backlash shows next month. Still, recent reports indicate that the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion is not scheduled to participate in the event. This is a major disappointment for fans in Puerto Rico and worldwide looking forward to seeing Reigns in action.

Backlash, slated to be the first Premium Live Event following WrestleMania 39, is set to take place in Puerto Rico on May 6th. Hosted by the famous musician Bad Bunny, the event has garnered significant attention as a major international pay-per-view.

Given the scale of the event and its timing after WrestleMania, fans were optimistic that Roman Reigns, despite his part-time schedule, would be featured on the show.

Roman Reigns' Plans Beyond Backlash

However, according to the Wrestling Observer, Reigns is planning for something other than the Backlash card as of this week.

While the San Juan card won't feature the Universal Champion, Roman is expected to appear in other significant events over the next few months. A prominent wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer, reports that Reigns' next match will likely occur at WWE King and Queen of the Ring in Saudi Arabia on May 27th.

As for the main event at Backlash, Meltzer suggests it could feature Cody Rhodes going up against Brock Lesnar. However, this matchup may be postponed until the Saudi Arabia event in May. With Roman Reigns' absence from Backlash confirmed, speculation now shifts to his next feud and potential opponent when he returns to the ring.

Cody Rhodes, who sought a rematch with Reigns during the post-WrestleMania episode of Monday Night Raw, is a strong contender. Additionally, a match between Reigns and Jey Uso seems likely in 2023 as part of The Bloodline's break-up storyline.

However, this particular matchup may be reserved for a later date. WWE Executive Vice President Triple H is known for his unexpected decisions, and fans may be in for a surprise regarding Reigns' next opponent. In November 2022, during the last Saudi Arabia event, Triple H had Reigns defend his title against Logan Paul in a move that caught many off-guard.

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