UFC Fighters React to WWE/UFC Merger


UFC Fighters React to WWE/UFC Merger
UFC Fighters React to WWE/UFC Merger

As the UFC gears up for a big pay-per-view event this Saturday, many fighters on the card have been asked about their thoughts on the recently announced WWE/UFC merger. One fighter, Jorge Masvidal, had extreme opinions on the matter.

Masvidal, who is set to co-main event UFC 287, expressed excitement about the merger, stating that it opens up more doors for both companies. He also noted that the merger could be beneficial for fighters who are no longer able to compete in the UFC but still want to earn a paycheck.

"For them to have that avenue to now be able to fight and hopefully the UFC and Endeavor can make it easy for them once they're too old to compete ... [to] go into the WWE, the right guys that can make the fit and the right girls, I love it," said Masvidal.

UFC Fighters Share Thoughts on WWE/UFC Merger

Another UFC fighter, Gilbert Burns, echoed Masvidal's sentiments, calling the merger a huge move for both companies. He also took the opportunity to challenge WWE superstar Brock Lesnar, saying, "it's a good opportunity to slap Brock Lesnar in the face, right? That's a good opportunity." Israel Adesanya, who has been heavily rumored to make a jump to WWE, simply stated that he liked the news of the merger.

Meanwhile, Kelvin Gastelum, who is set to main event UFC 287's prelims, suggested that we could see some merging between the two companies in the future. He brought up the hypothetical scenario of himself putting on a luchador mask (as he is of Mexican descent) and teaming with UFC fighter Cain Velasquez, who has wrestled in WWE in the past.

Gastelum also mentioned the possibility of Conor McGregor appearing in WWE. The announcement of the WWE/UFC merger has sparked a lot of speculation and excitement in the combat sports world. While it's unclear exactly how the two companies will work together, many fighters seem to be looking forward to the potential opportunities that could arise.


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