WWE Zelina Vega Returns to Twitch


WWE Zelina Vega Returns to Twitch
WWE Zelina Vega Returns to Twitch

The wrestling community is excitedly buzzing over the news of Zelina Vega's return to Twitch. WWE, the organization for which Vega has performed for years, instituted a ban on Twitch and other streaming platforms in 2020. However, in recent months, the company has loosened its restrictions and allowed its performers to stream on these platforms under certain conditions.

These conditions included owning the account and giving performers a share of the earnings. Despite the relaxation of the ban, many WWE stars were unhappy with these conditions and chose to stay away from the platform. Zelina Vega was among them, and the issue reportedly played a significant role in her departure from WWE in 2020.

However, she later rejoined the organization and announced yesterday on Twitter that she would return to Twitch.

Zelina Vega's Twitch Comeback Signals Progress

The announcement of Vega's return to Twitch is exciting for her fans and fellow wrestlers, as it represents a step forward in WWE's approach to third-party platforms.

While it remains unclear whether WWE has changed its policy on Twitch or if Vega has agreed to share a significant portion of her earnings with the company, the move is a positive development for performers seeking to connect with their audiences in new and exciting ways.

Vega's return to Twitch is not the only indication that WWE may relax its stance on the platform. Like Drew Gulak, other stars have resumed streaming on Twitch over the past year. Last year, a unique cross-company streaming event, "Da Party," consisting of AEW's Adam Cole and Claudio Castagnoli and WWE's Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze, came together for a particular stream.

While the future of WWE's relationship with Twitch and similar platforms remains uncertain, the company's recent merger with UFC under the Endeavor umbrella could impact performers' ability to use third-party platforms. UFC has a long history of allowing its contracted fighters to profit from outside ventures, including streaming.

It is still being determined whether WWE has implemented any policy changes due to the merger or if Vega has returned to Twitch under the previous rules.

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