Logan Paul Expresses Gratitude to The Miz for Guidance in His Early WWE Journey


Logan Paul Expresses Gratitude to The Miz for Guidance in His Early WWE Journey
Logan Paul Expresses Gratitude to The Miz for Guidance in His Early WWE Journey

Logan Paul, a celebrity boxer turned WWE superstar, has credited The Miz for playing a pivotal role in guiding and mentoring him during the early stages of his wrestling career. Paul's journey in WWE started with a bang, as he teamed up with The A-Lister for a high-profile match at WrestleMania 38.

This marked Paul's debut in the company, and the event proved to be the beginning of an exciting chapter in his career. Following their collaboration at WrestleMania, the two squared off in an intense showdown at SummerSlam later that year.

As Paul continued to make strides in the wrestling world, he gained more appreciation for the guidance and support he received from The Miz.

Paul Credits The Miz for WWE Growth

In a recent interview with BT Sport, Paul spoke candidly about the crucial role The Miz played in shaping his WWE career.

The YouTube sensation-turned-wrestler expressed his admiration for the veteran superstar, revealing that Miz's journey in the industry resonated with him. "Miz was a reality star before making it big in WWE, just like me. He had to prove himself in the ring and show that he was the real deal.

I feel like I'm following a similar path, and Miz has been instrumental in helping me understand how the wrestling business works," Paul shared. While working together, Paul and The Miz have forged a strong bond. They stay in touch, with Paul often reaching out to pick Miz's brain on various aspects of professional wrestling.

"Whenever I have a question or achieve something personally fulfilling in WWE, I'll text Miz because he's the one who guided me through my first match. I nailed it, all thanks to having an amazing coach," Paul said. As Logan Paul's WWE career continues to flourish, he is undoubtedly grateful for the foundation laid by The Miz's mentorship.

The support and guidance from an experienced wrestler like The Miz have played a significant part in helping Paul transition from a celebrity boxer to a promising WWE superstar. Logan Paul's progress in the WWE will be an exciting journey with a bright future ahead.

As he continues to learn and grow within the industry, the influence of The Miz on his career will remain an essential aspect of his development.

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