WWE Bizarre Brock Lesnar Claim on SmackDown


WWE Bizarre Brock Lesnar Claim on SmackDown
WWE Bizarre Brock Lesnar Claim on SmackDown

On Monday Night Raw, fans witnessed an astonishing turn of events as Brock Lesnar unexpectedly decimated Cody Rhodes. WWE later provided a rather bizarre reason for Lesnar's aggression, suggesting that he was upset with The American Nightmare.

The episode kicked off with Roman Reigns, Sikoa, and Paul Heyman entering the ring to celebrate The Tribal Chief's victory. However, their revelry was cut short by Cody Rhodes, who interrupted the proceedings. Rhodes requested a rematch on the show, but his appeal was denied.

Undeterred, he proposed a tag team matches with Reigns and his enforcer instead. Paul Heyman then presented two stipulations for the match. Firstly, Rhodes' partner must have competed over WrestleMania weekend. Secondly, the individual teaming up with Rhodes would never be allowed to challenge Reigns for his championships.

This condition significantly narrowed down potential contenders. However, Heyman failed to consider the possibility of Brock Lesnar joining forces with Rhodes.

Lesnar's Unanticipated Embrace

As Lesnar had already lost his right to challenge Reigns following his defeat at SummerSlam 2022, he strode confidently towards the ring, beaming with a smile.

Surprisingly, Lesnar embraced Cody Rhodes with open arms – perhaps a little too eagerly. The main event saw Reigns and Sikoa entering the ring, followed by Rhodes and Lesnar. However, before the match could officially begin, The Beast Incarnate brutally attacked Rhodes with an F-5, then proceeded to pummel him using a steel chair.

Meanwhile, The Bloodline slinked away discreetly. On SmackDown, Wade Barrett attempted to rationalize Lesnar's actions. He claimed that The Beast Incarnate was frustrated about opening night two of WrestleMania against Omos, while Rhodes enjoyed the spotlight, headlining the event against Reigns.

Although this reasoning may align with the storyline, it had never been explicitly mentioned before SmackDown. Furthermore, it is worth noting that in 2019, Brock Lesnar had requested to open the show since he wasn't featured in the main event of WrestleMania 35.

This sudden and perplexing attack by Brock Lesnar on Cody Rhodes has left fans intrigued and eager to see how the storyline unfolds. As the WWE Universe tries to make sense of the situation, one can only anticipate what surprises await in the upcoming episodes of Raw and SmackDown.

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