WWE Hall of Famer Says John Cena “Didn’t Do Business”


WWE Hall of Famer Says John Cena “Didn’t Do Business”
WWE Hall of Famer Says John Cena “Didn’t Do Business”

After a three-year absence, John Cena returned to the WWE ring at WrestleMania 39. However, Austin Theory, his opponent, won their battle for the US Title, giving him his most significant victory yet. One WWE Hall of Famer was less than impressed, even though fans were thrilled to see Cena back in action.

In a recent interview with The Wrestling Time Machine, Teddy Long expressed dissatisfaction with Cena's performance. Long, who adheres fervently to the traditional method of wrestling, argued that Cena had not done "business" by not providing Theory with an ideal match.

He suggested that Cena's primary interest was in his Hollywood career rather than wrestling. It is noteworthy that Cena has not won a one-on-one match on WWE television since April 2018, despite Long's harsh remarks. Over the years, he has lost high-profile matches to Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns, demonstrating his dedication to supporting the next generation of WWE Superstars.

Long, on the other hand, contends that even though Cena is no longer a full-time competitor, he should have provided Theory with a better match at WrestleMania. Long asserts that in the past, wrestlers would always leave the opponent they were feuding with strong, mainly if they were leaving the territory for some time.

Cena's Strong WWE Connection Despite Hollywood Success

While it's difficult to understand what Cena's inspirations were, he remains an exceptionally regarded expert wrestling figure. Despite his progress in Hollywood, Cena has consistently kept a strong association with his foundations in the WWE, and his re-visitation of the ring at WrestleMania 39 demonstrated that.

Whether or not Cena did "business" at WrestleMania 39 will ultimately be up for debate among wrestling fans. In any case, there's no rejecting that his re-visitation of the ring was an extraordinary second for fans, and Cena's heritage in the WWE will keep on being felt for quite a long time.

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