Cody Rhodes Discusses WrestleMania Defeat, Hints at WWE Future


Cody Rhodes Discusses WrestleMania Defeat, Hints at WWE Future
Cody Rhodes Discusses WrestleMania Defeat, Hints at WWE Future

Wrestling fans worldwide were shocked when Roman Reigns defeated Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania, a result that no one saw coming. The Bloodline played a significant role in ensuring Reigns' victory, and now Rhodes has another mountain to climb before he gets another shot at the title.

In the aftermath of the WrestleMania defeat, Rhodes was betrayed by Brock Lesnar on the following week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Rhodes must deal with The Beast before he can focus on Reigns again. On Instagram, Rhodes addressed his loss at WrestleMania and the chaotic events on Raw.

He also teased that he would reveal more about his future with WWE on the next episode of Monday Night Raw. The full post from Rhodes can be found below.

Rhodes Addresses WrestleMania Loss

Rhodes began by acknowledging his tough week and expressing his disappointment at the WrestleMania result.

He wrote, "A long week. I know last Sunday was not the result I'd hoped for, and many fans were also disappointed. I make no excuses. I lost. I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you how much I enjoyed the ride...until Sunday night and Monday night." He expressed gratitude to many people who made the weekend unforgettable, including his wife Brandi Rhodes, WWE, the city of Los Angeles, and many others.

He wrote, "I would like to thank @thebrandirhodes @wwe, the city of Los Angeles, Matt Rolf, @bradkolowichjr, @sgovintage, @jtcervero, HHH, The McMahon Family, Bruce, Conrad, Kevin Dunn, Ryan W Ryan C Mustache Chad Brian James Ed K, John Cone, John Cena, and @makeawishamerica for allowing me the honor to induct 15 wishes into the Circle Of Champions, and many more names I may be addition Nick Khan for taking care of my family through the festivities." Rhodes concluded by mentioning the fans and his hope to become their champion.

He wrote, "Lastly, the almost 200k fans who attended the weekend overall...unwavering and motivating. I want to be your champion. I plan to discuss my future with WWE this Monday and what may be next. @usanetwork." A recent report from Fightful Select shared that plans for Rhodes and Lesnar were already in place a month before Vince McMahon returned to the scene.

Despite some changes to Monday Night Raw's rundown, this storyline remained intact. Sources also noted subtle hints of Lesnar's heel turn during his match with Omos at WrestleMania, which became more evident as events unfolded.

These hints included Lesnar avoiding getting back into the ring with Omos, backing out during some interactions, and dodging contact. By the end of the Raw segment, Lesnar had fully transitioned to the heel side, setting the stage for an intense showdown between him and Rhodes shortly.

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