Former WWE Star Saraya Reveals Cody Rhodes Origin of Her 'Glampire' Nickname


Former WWE Star Saraya Reveals Cody Rhodes Origin of Her 'Glampire' Nickname
Former WWE Star Saraya Reveals Cody Rhodes Origin of Her 'Glampire' Nickname

Nicknames can hold significant meaning and often have a prestigious lineage. On the other hand, they can pop up out of nowhere and stick for one reason or another. Some people, like AEW's Saraya, embrace the offhand comment that created their nickname and turn it into their whole brand.
During an appearance on Z100's "Superstar Crossover," the very first "NXT" Women's Champion revealed the origins of her moniker "the Glampire." The show's conceit is that one guest leaves a question for an unknown next guest.

In this case, Cody Rhodes asked, "How much do they miss me?" The second guest was the former Paige, who revealed that she had not seen "The American Nightmare" in a while, so the answer was essential "quite a bit." But she also shared how the AEW founder created her favorite epithet.
"We were doing 'Tribute to the Troops,' and he was Stardust," she said.

"This girl looked at me like, but she looked like me. She was Gothic. He said, 'She looks like you, but you're a more glamorous version. Like a glampire!' I loved that so much. I don't think he would remember that, but I took it, stole it, and loved it.

He's an angel, and hopefully, I will see him again soon."
Since then, Saraya has used the term "glampire" to describe herself and to brand her various endeavors, including fashion, makeup, and blogging. Cody Rhodes inadvertently created a nickname that would become a significant part of Saraya's brand.

The Power of Wrestling Nicknames

Nicknames and monikers are an essential part of professional wrestling. They can establish a wrestler's persona and make them stand out from the rest of the roster. Some wrestlers have even become more well-known by their ring names than their given names.

Words like "Stone Cold," Steve Austin, The Rock, and The Undertaker are instantly recognizable to fans of the sport.
While some wrestlers have carefully crafted personas, others have embraced nicknames given to them by their peers or fans. Saraya's "Glampire" is a perfect example of how a throwaway comment can become a wrestler's whole brand.

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