George Kittle Expresses Desire for In-Home Wrestling Ring Installation


George Kittle Expresses Desire for In-Home Wrestling Ring Installation
George Kittle Expresses Desire for In-Home Wrestling Ring Installation

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle has expressed his enthusiasm for future WWE appearances following his involvement at WrestleMania 39. The 29-year-old NFL star isn't considering leaving football behind, but the prospect of stepping into the WWE ring more often appeals to him.

At WrestleMania 39, The Miz, who was hosting the two-night event, was caught off guard by the return of Pat McAfee, the former Indianapolis Colts punter who occasionally serves as a commentator and wrestler. With Kittle's assistance from ringside, McAfee secured victory over The Miz in just over three minutes.

Kittle Contemplates Home Wrestling Ring

Kittle recently appeared on "The Rich Eisen Show" to discuss his WrestleMania 39 experience and his passion for professional wrestling. He revealed that he is seriously considering installing a wrestling ring in his home, saying, "I am about five minutes from making a phone call to get a wrestling ring installed at my house in a barn." He also mentioned that if WWE executive Triple H were to contact him, he would always pay attention to the call.

During the WrestleMania Saturday match, Kittle leaped over the barricade to deliver a clothesline to The Miz, allowing McAfee to capitalize on the opportunity and win. This incident wasn't Kittle's first involvement with WWE or the wrestling world in general.

As a diehard wrestling fan, he attended WWE TLC in 2018, right after playing in a football game that same day. He has also formed friendships with fellow Bay Area native and WWE Superstar Bayley. Kittle's passion for wrestling and his willingness to participate in future WWE events are evident.

"I'm always open to participating in fun, violent events," he commented, signaling his enthusiasm for potential wrestling appearances. While Kittle remains committed to his successful NFL career, his interest in professional wrestling and collaboration with WWE could open up new opportunities.

As he continues to explore these possibilities, his fanbase may have the chance to see him in more exciting and high-profile wrestling events. Kittle's involvement in WrestleMania 39 has left a lasting impression on wrestling fans, and his potential future in the WWE remains an intriguing prospect.

With his athletic ability and passion for the sport, Kittle could significantly impact professional wrestling should he decide to pursue it further.