Dalton Castle Talks Negative WWE Tryout Experience

Dalton Castle reveals disheartening WWE tryout memories.

by Atia Mukhtar
Dalton Castle Talks Negative WWE Tryout Experience

Dalton Castle recently spoke with WrestleJoy about his experience at a WWE tryout in the early 2010s, which he described as primarily negative. Castle, well-known for his flamboyant "peacock" persona and impressive in-ring skills, talked about his three-day tryout at Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) and the harsh comments he got from WWE officials.

Around 2013 or 2014, Dalton Castle began to gain traction on the independent wrestling scene by booking more shows and frequently traveling. At that point, he was all the while fostering the person that fans presently know him for, with his particular jumpsuit and The Young Men next to him.

Castle was given a tryout at FCW because of his charisma and in-ring skills, even though he didn't know where his character was going. Castle said he felt good about how he did during the tryout, especially on day three, which was for promotions.

He could come as he wanted, so he wore flip-flops because he thought it wouldn't hurt his performance. Sadly, the WWE representatives in attendance were critical of that choice. Castle recalled that he was criticized for wearing flip-flops rather than receiving constructive criticism, which crushed him.

The late WWE Hall of Famer and legendary wrestler Dusty Rhodes was the sole individual who showed Castle kindness during this trying time. Castle questioned his future in wrestling due to the harsh treatment, and despite feeling defeated, he continued taking bookings for several months.

ROH Inspires Dalton Castle's Revival

However, Castle's attendance at the Final Battle of Ring of Honor in New York marked a turning point. Castle realized that he belonged in ROH rather than WWE due to the electrifying atmosphere at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

After that, he set his sights on getting into the promotion, eventually competing in the Top Prospect Tournament, and further developing the character of Dalton Castle. Castle found a home in ROH two years after his demoralizing WWE tryout, where he was given a chance to show off his distinctive persona and wrestling skills.

He became a well-liked figure within the company due to his perseverance and resilience, and he ultimately won the ROH World Championship.

Dalton Castle