Konnan Talks WWE Hall of Fame Speech & Meeting Triple H


Konnan Talks WWE Hall of Fame Speech & Meeting Triple H
Konnan Talks WWE Hall of Fame Speech & Meeting Triple H

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, held on Friday, March 31st, following Smackdown on the night before WrestleMania 39, was memorable for fans and wrestlers alike. Among the inductees, Rey Mysterio, the legendary masked wrestler, stood out as one of the most anticipated stars.

His best friend, Konnan, had the honor of inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame. Recently, Konnan shared his experience on his Keepin' It 100 podcast. He talked about the preparation for his Hall of Fame speech and the challenges he faced while working with WWE's speech writer, Brian Yang.

Konnan had initially written a seven-minute speech, but the WWE only allotted him three minutes to properly represent the legendary Mysterio. Eventually, they settled on five minutes, although Konnan spoke for the seven minutes he had planned.

During the podcast, Konnan detailed the process of working with Yang, who he praised for his professionalism and accommodating nature. He also explained that while he can speak off the top of his head, he prefers to memorize his lines, allowing him to own the material and add depth to his delivery.

Speech Reactions: Konnan vs Flair

Despite the time constraints, Konnan's speech received widespread acclaim from fans and WWE staff. In comparison, Ric Flair's speech for The Great Muta was criticized, as he did not adhere to the teleprompter's guidelines.

In addition to discussing his speech, Konnan also mentioned his encounter with Triple H during the event. He described Triple H as "very nice" and hinted at the possibility of future conversations between them. This has led to speculation that WWE may be interested in Mexican pro wrestlers with ties to Konnan.

Konnan's Hall of Fame speech was an emotional and fitting tribute to his friend Rey Mysterio, who has had an incredible career, becoming one of the most iconic wrestlers in the industry. The heartfelt introduction highlighted their close bond and their shared journey over the years.

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