Former WWE Star Lands Lead Role in New TV Show


Former WWE Star Lands Lead Role in New TV Show
Former WWE Star Lands Lead Role in New TV Show

Steph De Lander, who formerly wrestled under the ring name Persia Pirotta, was released from the WWE in 2022 and has since taken a new path in her career. De Lander has continued to make a name for herself on the independent wrestling scene, including appearances in IMPACT Wrestling, despite the setback.

Presently, she's fanning out much further and venturing into the universe of TV. De Lander announced on Twitter on Sunday that she had been cast in the upcoming television series "The Spilled Paint." By clicking on the link she provided, fans who are interested in learning more can find out more information.

A release date has not yet been set for the series, which is currently in production. IMDb says that "The Spilled Paint" is about a struggling young artist who gets help from the wrong person and ends up in a dangerous situation.

Because of his unfortunate decisions and a progression of lamentable occasions, the craftsman's life, as well as the existences of those he really focuses on, are placed in danger. De Lander's participation in the project is evidence of her versatility as a performer, even though specific details regarding her role in the series are still being kept under wraps.

De Lander has not signed an exclusive contract with any wrestling promotion since she left WWE. She has, however, been able to make a significant impact in Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), where she is associated with Matt Cardona, another former WWE Superstar.

Her resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity are demonstrated by her ongoing success in wrestling and her new venture into acting.

Wrestler's Transition to TV

Fans of the former wrestler will undoubtedly keep an eye on De Lander's progress as she begins this new phase of her career.

Her change from the wrestling ring to the little screen is only one illustration of how proficient grapplers frequently have a one of a kind range of abilities that permits them to prevail in different types of diversion.

With her certain ability and mystique, De Lander is ready to stir things up in the broadcast business. She further grew her fan base and demonstrated that her delivery from WWE was just a venturing stone to significantly more prominent open doors.

Audiences can anticipate seeing De Lander in a new light as the buildup to the premiere of "The Spilled Paint" continues, showcasing her acting abilities while continuing to make her mark on the wrestling scene.