Bully Ray: WWE's Dusty Rhodes Doc Justifies Cody's WrestleMania Loss


Bully Ray: WWE's Dusty Rhodes Doc Justifies Cody's WrestleMania Loss
Bully Ray: WWE's Dusty Rhodes Doc Justifies Cody's WrestleMania Loss

At WrestleMania 39, Roman Reigns successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Cody Rhodes, who was undefeated since rejoining WWE in April. WWE Hall of Famer and "Busted Open" co-host Bully Ray firmly believes that WWE made the right decision in this outcome.

His conviction only grew stronger after watching the "WWE Legends" documentary on A&E, which focused on Dusty Rhodes, Cody's father. Bully Ray passionately argued that fans must genuinely grasp the wrestling business's essence if they question WWE's decision after watching the documentary.

He also noted that it was no coincidence that the documentary aired a week after WrestleMania. The fact that Reigns retained his title and the Dusty Rhodes documentary made Bully Ray even more eager to see Cody eventually win.

The question now is whether Rhodes will still have the same level of momentum when the opportunity for another title shot arises and if WWE missed the chance to capitalize on his current popularity.

Bully Ray Confident in Cody's Future Moment

Despite this concern, Bully Ray remains confident that Cody will ultimately have his moment as a top champion in WWE.

He also emphasized the connection between Cody's story and the documentary about his father, implying that Cody is essentially playing the role of Dusty in this particular chapter of his career. Bully Ray referred explicitly to the steel cage match between Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair in 1986, highlighting how Cody recounted the story, the angle, and the eventual payoff.

He believes Cody inadvertently revealed the trajectory of his wrestling journey in WWE. "If you would've listened to Cody, going into the cage match with Flair, if you listen to the way Cody describes the story, the angle, and what was about to happen in the payoff, he basically is stooging off everything he's about to go through," Bully Ray added.

Reflecting the Past?

Drawing parallels between Dusty's past and Cody's future, Bully Ray envisions Cody experiencing a similar story arc tailored to the "WWE way." As for when Cody's big moment might come, Bully Ray identified two potential scenarios while referencing a promo by Paul Heyman on "Raw." Heyman had responded to Cody's rematch request by mentioning neither WrestleMania nor any other specific venue.

According to Bully Ray, there are now two possibilities for a monumental Cody Rhodes moment. The first scenario was a "Monday Night Raw" event at Madison Square Garden, close to when Dusty Rhodes defeated "Superstar" Billy Graham for the then-WWWF Heavyweight Championship on September 26, 1977.

Bully Ray remarked, "Could you imagine if they ran a 'Monday Night Raw' from The Garden close to that date, and Cody were to win it there?" Though Dusty won the match by count-out and did not receive the title, the date still holds significance as it remains the one championship the Rhodes family has never claimed. Bully Ray believes a title win for Cody in the same venue would be incredibly emotional.

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