Vince Russo says Vince McMahon Would Not forgive Nick Khan Or Triple H

Former WWE writer Vince Russo speculates on Vince McMahon's grudges.

by Atia Mukhtar
Vince Russo says Vince McMahon Would Not forgive Nick Khan Or Triple H

Vince Russo, a controversial wrestler and former writer for WWE, has spoken out about the possibility that Vince McMahon resents Nick Khan and Paul "Triple H" Levesque for opposing his return to the company at the end of last year.

Russo acknowledged McMahon's skill at playing cards, but he said that the current power structure of the company reminded him of when he wanted to fire Shawn Michaels. In any case, McMahon encouraged him to do it individually.

Russo thinks that McMahon will keep Khan for a while longer but that he will probably leave the company by 2025.

McMahon's Resentment Towards Khan and Triple H

Russo called McMahon a "master card player," praising his deceit and ability for playing his cards well.

He noticed that Khan, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H had initially rejected McMahon's re-visitation to the board. Russo told McMahon that he would never allow them to control the company because he believed this opposition hurt McMahon.

Russo suggested that this may have influenced McMahon's decision to sell the business while maintaining complete creative control. Russo reminisced about a time when McMahon offered him guidance regarding firing someone. He shared that McMahon once told him, "When you want to get rid of someone, you do it on your time," when he wanted to fire someone.

According to Russo, McMahon may still see value in Khan for now but will let him go once the time is right. Because Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel can negotiate television rights and other business matters, Russo predicted that Khan will likely leave WWE by 2025.

He also said Levesque, the Chief Content Officer of WWE and McMahon's son-in-law, will stay with the company for a while. Russo thinks Levesque is so entwined with McMahon that he will likely remain for some time, even though he may achieve success in AEW or begin his promotion.

It will be interesting to see how Russo's predictions play out as WWE undergoes significant change. Despite his reputation for holding grudges and being petty, McMahon is also an expert at playing the long game. The consequences of Khan and Levesque's opposition to McMahon's return to the board will only become apparent over time.

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