How Much was Vince McMahon Involved During WWE RAW


How Much was Vince McMahon Involved During WWE RAW
How Much was Vince McMahon Involved During WWE RAW

Vince McMahon recently made some headlines when it was revealed that he was involved in the creative decisions during last week’s RAW. Vince McMahon retired last year and left all of the positions that he held in the WWE.

After he returned to the WWE earlier this year, he started taking control of the company. He originally came only to oversee the sale of the WWE. The WWE is currently owned by Endeavor.

Vince McMahon Was Most Likely Not Involved With WWE Creative Decisions This Week

It was reported earlier that Vince McMahon was not present during this week’s WWE RAW event.

The episode took place in Seattle, Washington. Even though Vince was not present, there were suggestions that Vince was controlling WWE RAW remotely. It was also suggested that Vince controlled Smackdown last week as well in a similar fashion.

According to PWInsider, Vince did go through WWE RAW’s original plans this week. However, he did not make any massive changes or order any re-writes. PWInsider reported that there were massive re-writes, but they were not order by Vince McMahon.

Vince was at his home in Stamford, Connecticut this week when RAW was taking place. The creative team this week were forced to make changes as some WWE talents and personnel simply could not make it to venue due to travel issues.

So the WWE staff had to face some huge logistical challenges. Vince recently gave an interview on CNBC, right after WWE and UFC merged. He told CNBC that he will not be getting “in the weeds” with regards to the creative operations in the WWE.

He also stated he will make decisions if they are off a very high level. According to evidence, this has been the case thus far. Multiple reports suggest that Vince actually let Triple H control the shows. Triple H was also at Gorilla Position, and was controlling the show.

The only time Vince took control was during the RAW that took place right after WrestleMania 39. It was also reported that some scrapped plans for last week’s RAW were used this week. This included a three-way match to determine who will fight Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Title.

IYO SKY was the one who came out victorious in that three-way match. These plans were originally scrapped by Vince McMahon last week. This is evidence of the fact that Triple H was actually in charge of RAW this week.

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