Dolph Ziggler Wanted to be Part of Kurt Angles Last Match


Dolph Ziggler Wanted to be Part of Kurt Angles Last Match
Dolph Ziggler Wanted to be Part of Kurt Angles Last Match

Dolph Ziggler was at one time one of the most important wrestlers that the WWE has. Dolph joined the WWE in the mid 2000s and since then has been involved with the company one way or the other.

Dolph Ziggler Really Wanted to be Part of Kurt Angle's Retirement Match

Dolph Ziggler recently spoke to Comedy Store Wrestling about Kurt Angle and how he wished to be part of Kurt Angle’s retirement match.

Kurt Angle was one of the best wrestlers that the WWE had at one time. Kurt Angle was at one time the only Olympic Gold Medalist that the WWE had. He was one of the best technical wrestlers that have ever wrestled in the WWE.

Kurt has also won the WWE title numerous times. He has also fought some of WWE’s best legends during his career that lasted for more than 2 decades. Many people were surprised when they found out that Baron Corbin would be Kurt Angle’s retirement match opponent.

Angle put Baron over during that match, as Baron was a top heel in the WWE at the time when he fought Kurt Angle. "They didn't tell us who was going to do it 'til a couple weeks out," said Ziggler, "and I was like, 'man, are they finally going to give me a singles match at WrestleMania and I get to be in the ring with my friggin' hero Kurt Angle? The reason I have a job in wrestling, because I came in at 5'11, 180 lbs is because Kurt Angle was doing so well that they gave me a shot.

That's it. He was so good that I got a tryout." Dolph also stated that he didn’t care whether he won or loss. He also stated that he did feel jealous when he did not get the call. Many people actually thought that John Cena would be the person who would fight Kurt Angle.

John Cena was also the man that Kurt Angle kind of put over at one-time. John’s first match in the WWE, was against Kurt Angle and many people believe that the performance that John gave that day was incredible for a new wrestler.

Now, John Cena is one of the greatest stars that the WWE has ever produced. Kurt Angle is one of the only few superstars in the WWE that have stayed retired after leaving the WWE.

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