Triple H Faces 'day from hell' with Raw Last Night


Triple H Faces 'day from hell' with Raw Last Night
Triple H Faces 'day from hell' with Raw Last Night

When booking the WWE Raw episode last night, Triple H, the company's Chief Operating Officer, had a difficult day. Due to travel issues, the show underwent significant adjustments, with over half of the roster unable to attend Raw in Seattle.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the show had to be rewritten twice in two weeks. According to various reports, a flight from Orlando to Seattle, where most of the roster lives, was delayed. As a result, many wrestlers, including Matt Riddle and Sami Zayn, were not present at the venue when Raw was scheduled to begin.

Riddle and Zayn arrived at Raw before the show had even started airing. Since only half of the cast was available, the creative team was forced to write a three-hour show.

Triple H Faces Travel Hell Again

Numerous WWE sources described the travel situation for most of the Raw roster as an "absolute travel day from hell." After Vince McMahon rewrote the post-WrestleMania 39 show at the last minute last week, it was an unfortunate turn of events that Triple H had to deal with again.

After retiring in July 2022, McMahon was reportedly back in charge of Raw for the first time in months last week. However, Triple H was left to deal with the consequences because external factors caused the rewrites this week.

The creative team had to write a three-hour show with only half the roster available, making the day "stressful." Despite the difficulties, riddle and Zayn were among the wrestlers who could appear in the main event segment alongside Kevin Owens and The Bloodline.

WWE Crude underwent a few changes because of surprising travel gave in more than half of the program being unavailable in Seattle for the previous evening's episode. As a result, Triple H and the creative team had to rewrite the show entirely. The show continued despite the difficulties, and WWE fans were treated to another exciting Raw episode.

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