Kevin Nash: Vince McMahon Tyson Idea Cost Him 1995 WWE Title

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Kevin Nash: Vince McMahon Tyson Idea Cost Him 1995 WWE Title
Kevin Nash: Vince McMahon Tyson Idea Cost Him 1995 WWE Title

Kevin Nash, a former WWE star, recently disclosed that he was supposed to be WWE Champion for "years" before a conversation with Vince McMahon led to Bret Hart winning the title. Before facing Bret Hart at Survivor Series in 1995, Nash, who wrestled as Diesel from 1993 to 1996, held the WWE Championship for almost a year.

On November 26, 1994, Nash won his first championship when he defeated Bob Backlund live in Madison Square Garden. Nash faced Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 11, and King Mabel while he was champion. The nearly seven-foot wrestler was to hold the title for a significant amount of time, according to WWE.

However, after meeting with Vince McMahon, Bret Hart won the WWE Championship for the third time. Nash, also known as Big Daddy Cool, talked with McMahon about boxing Mike Tyson for charity in Central Park on his Kliq This podcast.

Nash expressed his concerns regarding the potential dangers of boxing Tyson, stating that the former heavyweight champion could easily knock him out or injure him severely. Despite McMahon's insistence, Nash refused to fight Tyson for less than five million dollars.

Tyson Talk Led to Title Loss

McMahon informed Nash after a lengthy discussion that he would hand the championship over to Bret Hart at Survivor Series. Nash voiced his displeasure with McMahon for spending so much time discussing the Tyson idea before finally announcing his intention to change the title.

Nash nevertheless consented to the decision. At In Your House 6, Diesel (Nash) and Bret Hart fought again in a steel cage match. Hart won the match, but The Undertaker got in the way and dragged Nash under the ring. The Undertaker eventually defeated Nash at WrestleMania 12, and Shawn Michaels beat Bret Hart to the WWE Championship in the main event.

Bret Hart, a five-time WWE Champion, has criticized WWE and AEW management about the current state of wrestling. In 1996, Nash left WWE to join WCW, where he joined Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan to form the NWO, one of wrestling's most famous factions.

In the long run, Mike Tyson worked together with WWE for WrestleMania 14, going about as the authority for the Shawn Michaels versus "Stone Virus" Steve Austin Title match.

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