WWE Cancels Plan Due to Popular Faction Reformation


WWE Cancels Plan Due to Popular Faction Reformation
WWE Cancels Plan Due to Popular Faction Reformation

The possibility of The Hurt Business, a popular faction in WWE, coming back together excited fans. Nevertheless, recent events suggest that the plans have been abandoned. In addition to Omos' singles push and Bobby Lashley's feud with Bronson Reed, the absence of Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander from recent episodes of WWE's flagship shows suggested a possible abandonment of the faction reformation.

Backstage footage of MVP conversing with former members sparked speculation, and rumors about including Carmelo Hayes in the group began circulating. Nonetheless, his new NXT Title win suggests that he may not be added to the group at any point shortly.

Additionally, Dave Meltzer disclosed on Wrestling Observer Radio that The Hurt Business reform plans had been shelved. He did reveal that none of the members had been seen in public, though he could not explain why the angle was changed.

WWE Abandons Plans for The Hurt Business Faction Reformation

Since every member was reportedly interested in the reunion, WWE's decision to postpone the event is surprising. Even Lashley, already a major star and stands to gain little from the reunion, was open to the idea and expressed dissatisfaction with the faction's initial dissolution.

The upcoming WWE Draft may present an opportunity to give The Hurt Business new life, even though it is likely that all group members will be on a different brand. On the other hand, Alexander and Benjamin appear to be left alone for now.

This news will undoubtedly disappoint fans of The Hurt Business, but WWE frequently deviates from a storyline or angle. Because wrestling is such a volatile industry, it is common for plans to alter at any time. In general, it is evident that The Hurt Business was a well-liked faction among WWE fans, and it would be wonderful to see them all come back together at some point.

Nonetheless, for the present, we'll need to sit back and watch what's in store for Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, and the remainder of the WWE program.