Triple H Rehires Former WWE Star in Nov, Remains Unused


Triple H Rehires Former WWE Star in Nov, Remains Unused
Triple H Rehires Former WWE Star in Nov, Remains Unused

During his early tenure as head of creative, Triple H gained a reputation for reintroducing stars with distinctive appearances and personas. He believed WWE may have missed opportunities with these talents when they were let go due to budget cuts.

Week after week, WWE surprised viewers by featuring these stars as unexpected returnees. One such former star was rehired in November but has yet to appear on programming. This performer is Eric Young, a standout in IMPACT Wrestling and a former member of the Sanity faction in NXT.

According to a Fightful Select report, Young was indeed hired by WWE in November 2022, shortly after Triple H assumed control of creative operations. However, for unspecified reasons, Young has not returned to programming, and reports indicate that he hasn't been spotted backstage either.

It is uncertain what his current role in WWE entails or if he has been contributing in any capacity (though it's assumed he is performing some work) since being rehired. There were speculations that Young might be involved in the Bray Wyatt storyline, with some fans theorizing that his voice could be heard during a Wyatt promo.

Whether he was to portray Uncle Howdy or another character in Wyatt's bizarre ensemble remained unknown. Still, many assumed he would participate before Wyatt vanished from WWE television before WrestleMania 39. Nothing has been updated on Wyatt's storyline or the Uncle Howdy character since then, leaving it unclear how this might impact Young.

Young's Future Role in WWE

As WWE deliberates on reintegrating Eric Young into programming, they could explore alternative roles for him within the organization. With his extensive background and expertise, Young would be an asset in positions such as a producer or road agent.

In these capacities, he could provide valuable guidance and support to the locker room, helping to nurture and develop talent. This way, WWE could capitalize on his experience while they work on devising a suitable character for him to portray on-screen.

Once a fitting symbol is established, Young's future in WWE programming can be determined, ensuring his talents are utilized effectively and appropriately.

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