Vince McMahon's WWE Contract Includes Code of Conduct Clause


Vince McMahon's WWE Contract Includes Code of Conduct Clause
Vince McMahon's WWE Contract Includes Code of Conduct Clause

The wrestling scene keeps on being enthralled by Vince McMahon, the main impetus behind WWE, as fans and columnists the same intently notice his contribution to shows like "WWE Crude" and "WWE SmackDown." McMahon has maintained his position of power within WWE, especially since the company's recent merger with UFC, despite numerous controversies and a brief "retirement." However, there may be a glimmer of hope for those who want McMahon out of WWE and wrestling altogether.

In an article about the WWE/UFC merger, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that McMahon is bound to the "Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct" of WWE in his most recent contract with the company, which was signed just before the merger and made public through SEC filings.

McMahon's continued employment with WWE is contingent on his compliance with WWE's "Equal Opportunity and Non-Harassment Policy" and "Code of Conduct." Even though it isn't explicitly stated, the 77-year-old Executive Chairman could face difficulties if these policies are broken.

Controversies Plague McMahon

McMahon's ongoing debates originate from an examination concerning installments he supposedly made for a long time to conceal undertakings, as well as allegations of inappropriate behavior and attack.

Additionally, earlier this year, McMahon paid an undisclosed sum to Rita Chatterton in a separate lawsuit. Following the WWE/UFC consolidation, McMahon momentarily tended to his past embarrassments, professing to have "possessed up" to his offenses.

Despite these setbacks, McMahon remains a prominent figure in the wrestling industry, and his influence extends far beyond the ring. Although including the Code of Conduct clause in his contract may serve as a reminder that his continued employment is contingent on compliance with the company's policies, the recent merger between WWE and UFC has only strengthened his position.

The wrestling tycoon's ability to maintain his position within WWE without further controversy will become apparent. However, as McMahon's presence continues to shape the future of professional wrestling, fans, and industry insiders will closely monitor his actions and decisions for the time being.

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