AEW Star Reveals WWE Ambitions


AEW Star Reveals WWE Ambitions
AEW Star Reveals WWE Ambitions

Mexican wrestling sensation and previous Ring of Honor (ROH) Title holder Bandido, who joined AEW in the last 50% of 2022, wants to join WWE sooner or later. After making his debut against Chris Jericho on Dynamite in September 2022, when he challenged The Ocho for the ROH World Title, Bandido signed with Tony Khan's AEW.

Bandido talked about his positive experience at the Performance Center and his aspirations to join WWE in an interview with SO CATCH by Hal 2. Sooner or later, I want to go to WWE. Not right now, but in the future, I hope. WWE had me.

I was asked to go to the Performance Center by them. They gave me a Camaro for the entire week to drive. That was astounding. I made old buddies. Chris Hero, whom I met at the Performance Center, is now a very, very good friend of mine.

I love you, amigo... He's excellent; he's great." Even though Chris Jericho broke his mouth on his first night on Dynamite, Bandido admits that being a part of AEW feels like a dream come true, even though he has his sights set on WWE in the future.

I have wounds, so he (Chris Jericho) broke my mouth, and he kicked areas of strength significantly, nose, and I believe that was a vital and phenomenal night for me. AEW resembles a fantasy to me, to my life. That was fantastic when I competed against Chris Jericho.

Everything about the night and the match was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Bandido Recounts AEW Signing Experience

Bandido also mentioned how he was contacted for AEW just a few days before his debut. They called me on Sunday morning when I landed in Denver and said, "Hey, you can come to AEW." Yes, I want to do it.

Okay. That is awesome. The reply, "See you on Wednesday," is, "Okay... Simple deal." Many thanks. I appreciate it, Mr. Tony (Khan)." Bandido's last AEW appearance was in January on Explosive, where he confronted rout by Bryan Danielson. Danielson competed in this match as part of his effort to wrestle MJF for the AEW World Title at Revolution.