Bron Breakker WWE Main Roster Debut Delayed


Bron Breakker WWE Main Roster Debut Delayed
Bron Breakker WWE Main Roster Debut Delayed

Bron Breakker's surprising defeat to Carmelo Hayes at NXT Stand and Deliver during WrestleMania 39 weekend had fans speculating about his imminent call-up to the WWE Main Roster. WWE should introduce new talent from free agency and NXT on RAW following WrestleMania, especially given Breakker's successful championship run in Orlando.

But as it turns out, Breakker had one last move up his sleeve before transitioning to WWE: a heel turn. In a stunning development, Breakker betrayed Hayes during the final edition of NXT before switching focus to Chase U. He delivered an impressive promo that made his intentions clear to the WWE Universe.

Breakker questioned why he wasn't included in the number one contender Fatal Fourway match, only to reveal his disdain for the championship and its supposed curse on his career. He also announced that he no longer needed the fans' approval, promising to unveil his darker side.

After giving Duke Hutson his spot in the Fatal Fourway match, Breakker continued to showcase his newfound heel persona by spearing Andre Chase with the Goldberg Special. As he walked away amidst a chorus of boos, fans wondered if Breakker's heel persona would carry over to the main roster.

Breakker's Heel Turn Impact

For now, Breaker appears eager to challenge his opponents and engage the crowd, but with a newfound disregard for playing by the rules. This unexpected twist in Breakker's NXT journey has added another layer of intrigue to his eventual move to the WWE main roster.

Fans are eager to see how his heel turn will impact his progression in the wrestling world and whether he will maintain this edgy persona when he finally leaps WWE. Breakker's heel turn has stirred up the NXT landscape, and fans can look forward to intense rivalries and confrontations as he embraces his new, darker side.

Only time will tell how this shift in character will influence Breakker's WWE career and whether it will ultimately delay his much-anticipated call-up to the main roster.

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