Rey Mysterio reflects on WCW debut, feeling like he didn't belong

Rey Mysterio reflects on overcoming debut anxieties

by Noman Rasool
Rey Mysterio reflects on WCW debut, feeling like he didn't belong

Lucha-Libre icon Rey Mysterio was a mere 22 when he made his unforgettable debut at the 1996 Great American Bash, a prominent World Championship Wrestling (WCW) event. Mysterio was slated to challenge the formidable Dean Malenko for the prestigious WCW Cruiserweight Championship during this pivotal night.

In a recent conversation with Sports Illustrated, Mysterio shared his memories of entering the arena that evening and the overwhelming sensation of not belonging due to the towering stature of the other wrestlers present.

Mysterio recalled his arrival in Baltimore, where the Great American Bash was held, and the intense discomfort he experienced upon stepping into the locker room. He was surrounded by colossal wrestling legends such as the Steiner Brothers, Big Show, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall.

The atmosphere was intimidating, as Mysterio, a relatively unknown figure at the time, felt the piercing stares and heard the whispers questioning his presence in the room.

Konnan's Pep Talk to Mysterio

In his anxiety, Mysterio found solace in the guidance of his close friend and fellow wrestler Konnan, who was already an esteemed member of the WCW locker room.

Konnan recognized Mysterio's potential and offered him a much-needed pep talk before the young wrestler's debut match. Mysterio vividly remembers Konnan's words of encouragement, urging him to represent Mexico and the Lucha Libre tradition and be a champion for all the smaller wrestlers in the industry.

Armed with the weight of his friend's advice, Mysterio's nerves were on high alert as he prepared to face Dean Malenko, a highly respected wrestler in his own right. However, this additional pressure would ultimately fuel Mysterio to prove himself and silence his skeptics.

The match between Mysterio and Malenko evolved into a classic encounter, showcasing both competitors' remarkable athleticism and technical skill. While Mysterio may not have emerged victorious against Malenko that night, he won the hearts of wrestling fans worldwide with his breathtaking display of high-flying moves and fast-paced action.

This historic showdown marked the beginning of Mysterio's illustrious career, which has spanned more than two decades and included numerous championship titles across various wrestling promotions, including WWE. Mysterio's WCW debut signified a turning point for the Cruiserweight division, as an influx of talented Lucha Libre stars helped redefine the wrestling landscape.

The division became synonymous with exhilarating, groundbreaking matches highlighting the unique skills of smaller wrestlers their larger counterparts had previously overshadowed.

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