Israel Adesanya's Post-UFC Dream: Wrestling in WWE


Israel Adesanya's Post-UFC Dream: Wrestling in WWE
Israel Adesanya's Post-UFC Dream: Wrestling in WWE

The recent announcement of a groundbreaking merger between WWE and UFC has generated considerable buzz, particularly surrounding the potential involvement of Vince McMahon in backstage activities at "WWE Raw" or "WWE SmackDown." However, another intriguing aspect of the merger lies in the possibility of cross-promotions and collaborations between WWE and UFC stars.

UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya is one such star who has expressed excitement over this prospect.

Adesanya's WWE Dreams Await

In an ESPN feature on the merger, numerous UFC fighters were asked about their thoughts on the subject.

Speaking through his manager Tim Simpson, Adesanya made it known that participating in a WWE event was not only a possibility but something he aspires to accomplish. According to Simpson, a wrestling fan, Adesanya's eventual WWE appearance is less a matter of "if" and more a matter of "when."
Simpson revealed, "It's on his bucket list, for sure.

He wants to [do a match]. He's been very disciplined. We've had acting opportunities turned down. He's been very disciplined about being an athlete. Because he knows that's all in his future. So, I can't see him doing it while he's still competing.

But in the future? Definitely bucket list." Adesanya's passion for wrestling has been evident throughout his rise in UFC, from incorporating wrestling moves in his workouts to using taunts from wrestling legends Booker T and Batista after his victories.
Adesanya's most notable tribute to wrestling occurred at UFC 276, where he entered the arena to The Undertaker's theme music before defeating Jared Cannonier in a thrilling five-round battle.
However, as Simpson pointed out, Adesanya has several other priorities before considering transitioning from the Octagon to the wrestling ring.

One such importance includes defending his UFC Middleweight Title, which he successfully regained at UFC 287. In an impressive display of skill and determination, Adesanya defeated his longtime rival Alex Pereira after suffering three consecutive losses to him in both UFC and kickboxing matches.
The WWE and UFC merger opens up many opportunities for collaboration and crossover between these prominent combat sports entities.

With athletes like Israel Adesanya expressing interest in crossing over, fans can look forward to witnessing electrifying match-ups and unique storylines. The merger promises to bring about a new era in sports entertainment, solidifying the global appeal of wrestling and mixed martial arts.
As anticipation builds for potential crossover events, fans worldwide eagerly await updates on Israel Adesanya's future endeavors and the possibility of his foray into the world of professional wrestling.


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