WWE Stars Seeking Release: Recent Updates


WWE Stars Seeking Release: Recent Updates
WWE Stars Seeking Release: Recent Updates

Recent reports had suggested that Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler, members of The Schism on WWE's NXT roster, were considering leaving the company. However, recent events have cast doubt on these claims, as new developments seem to indicate that not only are Reid and Fowler staying with WWE, but they may also be in line for a title match.

This surprising turn of events has created a buzz in the wrestling community, as fans eagerly await more information on the duo's future with the company. While their status within WWE remains uncertain, the possibility of a title match involving The Schism members has generated excitement and anticipation among the audience.

Fightful Select initially reported that Reid and Fowler had requested their release from WWE. Dave Meltzer appeared to confirm that their request was granted, but later updates from Meltzer indicated that the situation was still uncertain.

According to Meltzer, their release status was "up in the air," and it seemed as though their request had not yet been granted.

Reid and Fowler's Unexpected Return in WWE

In a surprising turn of events, Reid and Fowler were seen at an NXT Level Up taping, hinting they might be staying with WWE after all.

Their presence at the taping suggests that the English duo may continue their journey in the company, at least for now. Adding to the speculation, they were again featured on NXT television, potentially setting up a future title match.

Reid and Fowler were shown backstage with the rest of The Schism during NXT, where they confronted Gallus. The Gallus members, now at full strength with Joe Coffey's return, are the current NXT Tag Team Champions, consisting of Mark Coffey and Wolfgang.

The confrontation hinted at a possible feud between The Schism and Gallus, which could shortly lead to an exciting title match. Meanwhile, The Creed Brothers also expressed their interest in pursuing the NXT Tag Team Championship, further intensifying the competition in the tag team division.

As the situation unfolds, the future of Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler in WWE remains uncertain. However, their recent appearances on NXT programming and the rivalry with Gallus suggest that the duo might be sticking around, with a potential title match on the horizon.