Booker T Critiques Breakker-Hayes NXT Stand & Deliver Match


Booker T Critiques Breakker-Hayes NXT Stand & Deliver Match
Booker T Critiques Breakker-Hayes NXT Stand & Deliver Match

NXT Stand & Deliver marked a significant milestone in Carmelo Hayes' career. He triumphed over Bron Breakker to secure the NXT Championship title, adding to his impressive four championship wins in WWE. Although the match received positive reviews from many, NXT commentator Booker T expressed his reservations on his podcast, "The Hall of Fame." Booker T acknowledged that both wrestlers performed well but felt they merely walked through the match instead of immersing themselves in the experience.

He said, "Did they go out there and perform? Yes, they did, but I just thought they [were] walking their way through it [as] as opposed to trying to feel their way through it ... I thought they did a good job, but on a scale of one to ten, I give it a six." Despite his criticism, Booker T believed that Hayes was the rightful winner of the match.

Furthermore, he admitted to enjoying a front-row seat to Breakker's betrayal of Hayes during the April 4 episode of NXT. Booker T mentioned that he initially thought Breakker should have started as a heel when he joined NXT in early 2021, but he understood the decision to position him as a face due to his family lineage.

Fans Torn During Breakker-Hayes Match

Interestingly, Booker T observed that the audience seemed conflicted during the Stand & Deliver match, as they did not cheer for either Breakker or Hayes. "When they both came out, the fans didn't cheer for Bron," Booker said.

"They didn't cheer for Carmelo. It seems they were torn weirdly because you would think they would've wanted to cheer for one of them." Booker T emphasized the importance of the audience's reaction when wrestlers walk through the curtain, stating that fans need to lean one way or another.

He insinuated that the ambivalence in the crowd's response could have contributed to the wrestlers' lackluster performance during the match. While Booker T's critique of the Breakker-Hayes match has garnered attention, it is worth noting that both wrestlers continue to show promise and potential in their respective careers.

As the NXT Championship storyline unfolds, fans will likely stay tuned to see how the rivalry between Breakker and Hayes develops and whether the wrestlers will take Booker T's feedback to heart.

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