Triple H Plans WWE Draft Surprise: Hall of Famer Returns to RAW or SmackDown


Triple H Plans WWE Draft Surprise: Hall of Famer Returns to RAW or SmackDown
Triple H Plans WWE Draft Surprise: Hall of Famer Returns to RAW or SmackDown

Triple H recently announced the highly anticipated return of the WWE Draft, sparking a whirlwind of speculation among fans and experts alike regarding the potential changes the event could bring. One possibility discussed is the tightening of the brand split, which has recently become increasingly loose.

An ideal way to accomplish this is to get a Hall of Famer back to regular programming on RAW or SmackDown - and Shawn Michaels is the perfect choice for this role. Currently, Shawn Michaels is in charge of operations in NXT.

However, a close look at recent NXT shows reveals that the brand receives a different level of attention than its main roster counterparts. Although Michaels is officially retired as a competitor, his undeniable charisma and on-screen presence could be better utilized on RAW or SmackDown rather than remaining in NXT.

Triple H's Plan for WWE Draft

With the WWE Draft approaching, Triple H might consider reintroducing a separate General Manager for each leading roster brand, with Michaels taking on one of these roles. This move would establish distinct identities for RAW and SmackDown while allowing for more creative freedom within each brand.

Currently, Adam Pearce serves as a WWE official for both shows, which has led to a blurring of the lines between the brands. While it is optional to foster direct competition between RAW and SmackDown, Shawn Michaels' arrival as a General Manager could bring a unique style to either show, effectively differentiating them.

This would create an environment where each brand can thrive independently, offering a diverse range of stories and matches for the WWE Universe to enjoy. Triple H would ensure that one of the main roster shows has a robust and charismatic figure at the helm by appointing Shawn Michaels as a General Manager following the WWE Draft.

Michaels' presence alone could elevate the status of the brand's superstars, providing them with opportunities to engage in meaningful storylines and feuds. Michaels could even become involved in storylines himself, choosing representatives to form a faction that enforces his vision for the brand.

This approach would create compelling narratives that would keep fans invested and entertained and could be an excellent angle for WWE to explore.

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