Bronson Reed Wrestles with Flu on RAW, Bobby Lashley Responds to Brawl

Bronson Reed impresses despite battling the flu.

by Noman Rasool
Bronson Reed Wrestles with Flu on RAW, Bobby Lashley Responds to Brawl

Bronson Reed and Bobby Lashley engaged in a thrilling back-and-forth match on Monday's episode of WWE RAW. The match finished in a twofold count-out, leaving fans as eager and anxious as ever and enthusiastic for more. The situation also sets the stage for the wrestlers' rivalry to continue.

After the match, Bronson Reed, gaining popularity among fans, posted on Twitter that he had been fighting the flu while competing. Despite his illness, he gave it everything and promised Lashley he would not die. Reed stated, "Story ain't finished, been wiped out the entire week with seasonal influenza.

Uncle Bobby hasn't felt me at my full power. Keep an eye out.

Lashley Boasts About Match Highlights

Fans and fellow wrestlers alike respect Reed for his dedication to his craft and resolve to persevere through illness. His assurance that he will return more vital than ever demonstrates his unwavering commitment to the sport.

However, Lashley posted a clip of the match's highlights on his social media account but has not directly responded to Reed's tweet. In the subtitle, he flaunted that he hadn't thought twice and utilized the hashtag #AllMighty while labeling WWE.

Fans are looking forward to the next match because of the possibility of a rematch between Reed and Lashley. These two wrestlers' divergent wrestling styles and strengths make a compelling matchup possible. Reed is a rising star who has quickly become a fan favorite, while Lashley is an experienced veteran with years of experience.

Fans are eager to follow the intriguing storyline that centers on the conflict between the two. The date of the next Reed vs. Lashley match is unknown, but excitement is building. The WWE's plans for these two wrestlers and how their feud will play out on RAW are eagerly anticipated by fans.

On Monday, the match between Bronson Reed and Bobby Lashley was one of the highlights of WWE RAW. Lashley's dominance in the ring and Reed's impressive performance while battling the flu set the stage for a compelling feud. WWE has discovered their next big-man rival on RAW, as fans eagerly await their next match.

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