Carmella Urges Total Divas Comeback for Stronger WWE Female Audience Connection

armella advocates for Total Divas revival, citing connection gap.

by Atia Mukhtar
Carmella Urges Total Divas Comeback for Stronger WWE Female Audience Connection

Between 2013 and 2019, WWE's Total Divas reality series captivated audiences for nine seasons on the E! network. Former SmackDown Women's Champion Carmella featured prominently in the latter seasons, earning a loyal fanbase.

Recently, Carmella joined an Instagram Live session with 'Sweety High,' during which the prospect of a Total Divas reunion was discussed. Carmella expressed her enthusiasm for the show's potential return, believing that WWE lacks a vital connection with its female audience outside the ring.

Carmella Champions Total Divas Return

Carmella passionately stated, "I would love that (a Total Divas comeback). I want to put that out into the universe. We need to bring it back. I feel like we're lacking that in the WWE. We need to connect with our female audience, and that's what Total Divas did.

It brought such a female audience towards our product, and you know, people got to see what we do behind the scenes and get to know us for who we were, not just who we play on TV, and I feel like we're missing that right now in WWE.

Of course, we're missing the connection with the female audience outside of the ring, and I would love to bring that back. So I'm putting that out there to the universe." In recent WWE developments, Carmella had been teamed up with Chelsea Green on WWE television, leading into WrestleMania.

This partnership evolved as Green allied with Sonya Deville, and together they participated in the women's tag team showcase match at WrestleMania 39. Carmella's desire for a Total Divas comeback highlights the importance of a more comprehensive connection with WWE's female fans.

The show offered viewers an intimate look at the wrestlers' lives behind the scenes, allowing fans to see them as real people rather than just their on-screen personas. With Carmella championing its return, the potential revival of Total Divas could bring WWE closer to its female audience and foster deeper connections between fans and their favorite wrestling stars.