WWE Execs Surprised if Top Star Joins AEW Amid Rumors


WWE Execs Surprised if Top Star Joins AEW Amid Rumors
WWE Execs Surprised if Top Star Joins AEW Amid Rumors

Last week, rumors swirled around a possible reunion between WWE legend Edge and his former tag team partner Christian, now an AEW wrestler. Despite their current contractual differences, fans have been excitedly discussing the potential of seeing the duo back together in the ring.

Edge signed a three-year contract with WWE, $3 million per year, in early 2020, with time likely added due to injuries. In contrast, Christian joined AEW in 2021 after receiving medical clearance and participating in the 30-man Royal Rumble match.

Previous reports suggested Christian wanted one last tag team match or ran with Edge in WWE. However, the feasibility of this plan depends on Christian's current contract status with AEW. Additionally, Edge has expressed his desire to have his final match in his hometown of Toronto, although no specific retirement timeline or premium live events are scheduled in the city.

Following these reports, some fans speculated that if Christian's AEW contract lasts for an extended period, Edge might consider jumping to All Elite Wrestling. However, this prospect seems unlikely, as sources close to the situation have weighed in.

Edge's AEW Move Unlikely

According to insiders, Edge and WWE would be surprised if he were to leap to AEW after his current contract expires. While the allure of reuniting with Christian for one last tag team match or facing off against each other in the ring might be enticing, it is doubtful that Edge would wrestle beyond his tenure with WWE.

"If he retires this summer in Toronto, I wouldn't be surprised. I would be surprised if he finishes his current deal and then goes to AEW. WWE would be surprised too. Even though you've got the Christian factor, they could team one more time and wrestle each other one more time; I'd be surprised if he wrestles past WWE.

WWE would also be very surprised," said a source close to the situation. As it stands, the possibility of a reunion between Edge and Christian appears uncertain. With contractual obligations and personal preferences in play, fans only hope to see their favorite tag team back together one last time.

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