CBS Greenlights WWE Studios' Buddy Games Reality Show


CBS Greenlights WWE Studios' Buddy Games Reality Show
CBS Greenlights WWE Studios' Buddy Games Reality Show

Hollywood's capacity to incorporate various sources into innovative projects is well-known, from board games and action figures to comic books and now WWE Studios films. Deadline reports that WWE Studios' 2019 film "Buddy Games" is becoming a CBS reality competition series.

The first movie denoted the solo first time at the helm of entertainer Josh Duhamel, who additionally featured in it. Duhamel's involvement with the film led to his position as the new reality series host and executive producer.

"Buddy Games" is about a group of friends who meet up after years of separation to participate in various games, challenges, and dares intending to assist one of their friends experiencing depression. The participants in the film, which features WWE wrestler Sheamus, stand a chance to win $150,000.

The first cast included Olivia Munn, Dax Shepard, Kevin Dillon, and Neal McDonough. On the other hand, it does not appear that any of them will be a part of the new reality show adaptation. A continuation, "Pal Games 2," started creation in the mid-year of 2022.

"Buddy Games" Film to Reality Series Adaptation

Regardless of the film's computerized discharge not collecting a lot of consideration or cheerful primary surveys, unscripted tv has demonstrated endlessly and time again that it has a devoted crowd and various supporters who are anxious to profit from its continuous achievement.

The odds of this "Buddy Games" reality series performing significantly better than its film counterpart are considerably higher with the support of a major network like CBS. As Hollywood keeps on investigating novel thoughts and adjusting existing ideas for various configurations, the "Pal Games" unscripted TV drama is an excellent representation of how a not exactly heavenly film can, in any case, track down new life on TV.

Fans and newcomers alike can anticipate a fresh take on the "Buddy Games" concept and the competitive camaraderie it embodies, thanks to the involvement of Josh Duhamel and the support of CBS.