Matt Cardona's WrestleMania Weekend Confrontation with Greg Valentine

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Matt Cardona's WrestleMania Weekend Confrontation with Greg Valentine
Matt Cardona's WrestleMania Weekend Confrontation with Greg Valentine

Matt Cardona, a well-known wrestler in both Impact Wrestling and the independent circuit, has been making headlines for his work inside the ring and his passion for collecting toys. He has been gaining increasing attention due to the success of his podcast, the "Major Wrestling Figure Podcast," which he co-hosts with fellow wrestler Brian Myers.

Cardona is known to have an impressive collection of toys. One of the most sought-after items in his collection is a prototype of an unreleased Greg Valentine action figure from Hasbro's second wave of WWF toys in 1991.
This particular figure has fascinated collectors for years because it was promoted in advertisements and on the packaging of other statistics, despite being canceled late in the process.

Cardona has stated that he paid thousands of dollars for the figure due to its status as a highly sought-after collectible, not because he is necessarily a fan of Valentine himself.

Valentine Confronts Cardona at WrestleCon.

However, Valentine himself may have misunderstood Cardona's comments about the figure.

Two weeks ago, during WrestleCon, Valentine approached Cardona and confronted him about his alleged dislike of the wrestler. Cardona recounted the incident on "Busted Open Radio," stating that Valentine came to him, waving his fist and his WWE Hall of Fame ring and accusing him of not being a fan.
Cardona explained that he had never said he disliked Valentine but wasn't a fan.

"Not that I dislike Greg Valentine, I just didn't grow up wanting to be the third member of Rhythm and Blues [with Valentine and the Honky Tonk Man], you know what I'm saying?" Cardona said. The two could smooth things despite the confrontation and even take pictures together.
However, Cardona admitted that the confrontation took him aback and that, at one point, he thought Valentine would swing at him.

Myers also came over to see what was going on and was surprised by the seriousness of the situation. Despite this incident, Cardona has continued to make appearances and wrestle, even announcing that Valentine would not be his mystery opponent at Outlaw Wrestling in New York City.
This confrontation was simply a misunderstanding between Cardona and Valentine, with Cardona never intending to disrespect the wrestler.

However, it highlights the passion and intensity that can surround collectibles and fandom, even in professional wrestling.

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